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Apropos is a modern and aesthetic café located in the heart of Copenhagen. The café is situated on the century old, cobbled Halmtorv in the pleasant area near Istedgade.

During the late 1800s, Halmtorvet was made a market square for the city’s trading of straw and hay. On the two weekly market days more than a hundred loads of straw and hay were sold to feed the animals on the different farms around town. At this point animals were among the most important pulling forces in Copenhagen’s business community. Thus the name Halmtorvet (“The straw square”) derives all the way back from when the square was used for practical matters. It was not until circa 1960 that the last animals disappeared from the characteristic buildings on Halmtorvet.

Just before the year 2000 the entire area underwent an urban renewal process, which transformed the square into a peaceful and mundane place. It became the charming Halmtorv, which is known today for it’s unique and evocative street environment.

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You are always welcome to call us at 33 23 12 21 or email at info@cafeapropos.dk reserve your table.
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Contact information

We would like to give you the best experience of being our guest, so they will come again ..

They are very welcome to contact us for both criticism and praise, we will be very thankful.

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Variety of different factors

Should I keep company, it is a good event a range of different factors.
The main ingredient is undoubtedly the people who participate.
Whether it is a business dinner, christenings, student party, or 40th birthday the individual participant will help to provide the most important memories.
With this in mind, we shall always our service and food, as part of the party are backing the company.
Large parties need space - and with 115 seats inside and 100 seats outside (in summer), we can always be the perfect location when creating a good company.

Talk to our restaurant manager and / or our chef, and move the focus from the environment to the essentials - your guests.
Reservations can be made through our online booking, or by contacting us by mail, telephone, or even better - about to come down to us and get the details.
Keeping the company premises in Copenhagen, we can also do a complete take-away solution.
GOOD party!

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We will be the best café to work on.
Our staff is a team of people with different backgrounds, culture, and age.
Common to all is that there be a great deal of pride in serving our guests to ensure their experience can live up to our standard.
Do you think you can contribute something in this regard, and would you like to be part of our great team, we'd love to hear from you.
You can either get past the cafe and say hi, or send us an email with your resume and a lifelike image.
Let us hear from you, and who knows - you might be our next colleague.
If you contact us via mail, the address is: